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Oder warum die Musikindustrie ein vitales Interesse daran hat, die Leute zu verdummen.

(Phillipica – zum besseren Verstädnis lite flanged

Aus dem Yoruba ins Englische von R.K)


You call a Yourself industries of a music, but I have no pity if You go to the ground. Becauz a You are systematicly verdumming the people. How many cost a You a rawling? You see. How many cost a You record some fucking drum loops? Well, You see. And a how many cost a You a little sound like a telecom-fx ?

And then You are owner of the goddam frechheit to sell a Your overprized shit to me! I tell You You gotta to see! How many cost a You build up a mickey mouse a star? You see. Bur how many cost a You Your big fat producer? But I’m gonna piss on Your slogan "Kopieren kostet einer jungen Nachwuchsband das Leben" . Becauz a dis is no band. Dis is some robo-kids designed by Your big- fat- producer-global-player-asshole! Your goddam vitamin-b-complex I think it is a better You can put it in Your ass. I dont want to see smiling stupid Mola.A. on Your marketing tv. I dont want to hear and see the shitty muzak of a german butcher at all. And a take away the video from Your award, the music sounds a less than a nothing. Everybody knows that You can already read banknotes. You are a quite sure that people dont understand music. You are a quite sure that people can make no difference between a chord and a condome..But things are changing. I’ll be sure. And then a You see!. So I recommand You to take a dis filipica for very serious.

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